Feel free to contact us for any more clarifications!

Choosing the service that best fits your needs depends on a variety of things. Some materials are better suited to certain applications, or personal preference for how it looks.

Check out each of our services for more details or reach out to discuss your project.

Our turn-around time is 7-10 business days upon approval of the quote and finalized artwork. Turn-around may also depend on the number of pieces you are getting, as well as the complexity of the design. For example, if you were getting over 200 items done, it is always safe to allow 3 weeks for processing. 

It’s always a good idea to mention if you have a specific deadline you are working under!

We do! Call ahead and double check that we can accommodate your time line. Rush services may be subject to a fee.

Yes! We have an in-house graphic designer that will be more than happy to work with you on your project. You can get in touch with them directly via telephone or stop by the shop.

All projects will receive a digital proof before moving into production. Physical samples are available for a fee, including one free edit if you are dissatisfied with the logo. Any additional samples may be subject to a fee.

Please note! If you are working under tight deadlines, multiple samples and re-digitizing puts a hold on your project and may delay your deadline. Try to make sure that all editing and details are worked out in the mock up stage with vector artwork, pre-digitizing. See our digitizing section for more information.

Preferred: Vector files such as .ai, .eps, and .svg with any text outlined. Accepted: High resolution images such as .jpg, .png, .pdf, and .tiff.

Can you do same-day or next-day embroidery?

Due to the way we schedule our daily production, we cannot accommodate same-day embroidery projects. On occasion, we can manage a small next-day embroidery project if we already have your artwork on file and digitized. If you have any serious emergencies, call ahead and we will see what we can do!

When the basic vector artwork file is approved and finalized, it will be set up for embroidery, or, Digitized. This new file is called a DST file. This file is kept on record at Bayside under your company or personal name along with your project history. 

Elements of your design are digitized specifically to receive certain types of stitching, or to be embroidered on specific materials. For example, designs for hat fronts are digitized differently than designs for tees, or, ‘flat’ items. This is because the design has to be digitized with the curve or bend of the hat in mind. 

  • Pricing

We charge a one-time fee for digitizing designs. Once we set up the DST file, you do not have to pay this fee again if we are re-running the same design. When you receive your quote, you will notice that the price will fall within a certain parameter. This range is because the final price is dependent upon the final amount of stitches in your design. Large, 3D, or more complicated designs will usually tend to be more expensive than smaller or simpler designs. 

  • Have an Existing DST File? 

We do accept professional DST files from clients. Do be advised that we will assume that your file is production ready. We cannot make any major changes, so make sure that your file is exactly what you’re looking for. Each design may be digitized differently from digitizer to digitizer, so if we do have make any edits, it is helpful to have a sample of a previous run so we can make sure everything stays consistent as far as the type of stitch or fill. 

  • Redigitizing? 

Re-digitizing may happen if there is any major re-sizing of your design, or editing outside of color changes. We will let you know upfront if we have to re-digitize for any reason at all. If it does have to happen, there is usually an editing fee, dependent upon the logo and your original digitizing costs.

Please note! All major editing and finalizing of sizes should be done in the mock up stage, before digitizing. Re-digitizing may also delay the project, and pushes us for time, especially if you have a particular deadline you’re working under. Try to take care of any basic editing or re-sizing during the mock up stage, so we can have “Production Ready” artwork by the time we digitize. Digitized logos are assumed to be the finalized design. It helps make things much simpler, quicker and more cost effective for everyone! 

  • Ownership

If you have a copyrighted design, you own all rights to original artwork, however, Bayside Embroidery owns the exclusive right to any DST file that we digitize. The DST is our own resource that we use for reference and history of your work with our company. We do not under any circumstances reproduce your embroidery outside of your own directed projects.

As long as you are embroidering with us, we will hold the DST file in our possession. The only circumstance in which we will release a DST is for use outside of Bayside Embroidery. If you need access to the file to take with you, it will be available for release with a fee. This fee is different from the initial digitizing costs. Initial costs are essentially a set up fee, to actually create the file and set up records with our company, whereas the fee for release grants you personal ownership.

Digitized files will be kept on record for up to two years after the last production. After this allotted time, we will ‘destroy’ the file from our database and it will no longer be available for release.