Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl – Overview

Heat transfers are one of the quickest and easiest methods of printing. Your artwork is printed onto a thin material, and put onto your material using heat.  

Heat transfer are a great option for a number of circumstances. A lower set up cost and minimum order than screen-printing means this method is our go-to for small volume orders. Heat transfers are quicker to produce, and also ideal for rush orders. Colors are not limited, so we can print large numbers of colors, gradients or photographs. Heat transfers can also adhere to fabrics that screen-printing can’t, such as spandex.

Minimums and Materials

You can bring in your own materials, or we can order for you via our wholesalers, which you can find here. When we quote your project, just mention whether or not you will be providing materials and we will factor it into the pricing. If you provide the material, make sure to note what type of fabric it’s made of.

Our minimum for heat transfer vinyl is 12 pieces, with smaller orders accepted on a case-by-case basis depending on complexity and our production schedule.


Certain parts of production will vary depending on the fabric of your garment. When choosing materials, note that printing on 100% cotton may be more affordable than on a tri-blend or spandex.


Our heat transfer equipment prints artwork as-is, just like a regular printer. Make sure that your art files are high-quality; at least 300dpi. They should also be to size. Our graphic designer will assist you if you have any questions concerning quality and will double check the work to make sure that it will print well.  

Because the artwork isn’t printed directly onto the fabric, note that certain detailed designs, as well as particularly small text, may need to have an outline added around it. This can be the color of the material to try and match it, or a different accent color.


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