Digital Printing

Digital Printing – Overview

At this time we are temporarily unable to offer digital printing!

Digital printing is one of the quickest and easiest methods of printing. Your artwork is printed onto the shirt just like ink is printed onto paper in your ink-jet printer. We recommend this style of printing for artwork that is very detailed or complex. For example, it might exceed 6 colors, is a photograph, or if your design contains gradients. 

DTG is also a good option if you are looking to have a smaller run of shirts for a specific event. But please note! This method of printing will not stand the test of time as well as screen printing would. Please keep that in mind while setting up your order!


Minimums and Materials

You can bring in your own materials, or we can order for you via our wholesalers, which you can find here. When we quote your project, just mention whether or not you will be providing materials and we will factor it into the pricing. Virtually any object that can lay flat can be printed digitally. Call ahead if you have any questions about your material.

For digital printing, there are no minimum orders or set up fees.


Shirt Colors

We can print on any color, but certain colors can be more difficult to get an accurate print. Darker colored or black tees need a white base that the image will be printed on top of to make sure that your design prints clearly and accurately. There is a small fee to prepare a black shirt.



Digital printing prints artwork as-is, just like a regular printer. Make sure that your art files are high-quality; at least 300dpi. They should also be to size. Our graphic designer will assist you if you have any questions concerning quality and will double check the work to make sure that it will print well.

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